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A Short History of SJICM
St Jude Indian Catholic Community (SJICM) is a community of Catholic Christians living in South Jersey, whose roots are in Kerala, the peninsular state in southern India. The community has members from all major rites found in Kerala. Majority of our members are those who migrated to the United States of America seeking better opportunities. The main purpose of this community is to preserve and foster the traditions of our faith as well as encourage fellowship among Christians from the Malabar coast living in South Jersey.

Around 35 families came together to form this community in December of 1999 at St. Peter Celestine Catholic Church in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with the help and support of Rev. Msgr. James R. Tracey who was the then pastor of the parish. Later due to the availability of church facilities, the community gathered in St. Jude Catholic Church in Blackwood and continue to meet at this location. Rev. Father Joseph Panthackal CMI was the Mission Director until June 01, 2011.

Now this Mission is under the Syro Malabar Diocese of Chicago. Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath (Bishop of St. Thomas Syro Malabar Diocese of Chicago) appointed Father John Melepuram as the Mission Director since June 01, 2011. As of now, the community consists of about 80 families and variety of Mission Celebrations, Ceremonies and Activities.

Now we have Mission Council, selected for two year term, Regular Sunday Masses, CCD Program for Children, Youth Activities, Weekly Family Prayer gatherings, Choir, Altar Servers, All Special celebrations, like Parish Thirunal, Parish Picnic, Christmas and Easter Celebrations, Social and Cultural activities.

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